Castle Footwear has been manufacturing textile slippers, leather shoes and specialist footwear in 4 width fittings for over 20 years.

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Castle Footwear manufactures and supplies footwear to the NHS, private hospitals, health professionals, mobility shops and mail order.

As a small UK based manufacturing company Castle Footwear can react quickly to produce small volume orders in a variety of styles, sizes and fittings at very competitive prices.

Bulk orders also available. Please contact for details.

The company was established in the UK over 20 years ago, specially to manufacture wide fit footwear for general use in two width fittings. Stock orthopaedic footwear is made in three width fittings.

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  • NHS

    Our range of hospital footwear is used extensively in private and Trust Hospitals throughout the U.K. :- felt boots, neoprene boots, textile Easiboots and leather shoes.

    Some textile colours are available with coated fabric. Silver chloride coating prevents the formation of adapted bacteria such as MRSA. This coating anchors to the fabric and is resistant to washing, offering long term protection.

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  • Health Professional

    The stock hospital range can be adapted by orthotists In a number of ways -:

    • The sole units are designed to accept sockets for calliper use.
    • Neoprene boots can be cut to adapt the shape to the patients foot.
    • The touch & close (Velcro®),eyelets and bar extensions together with sock inserts allow for maximum adjustment and fitting flexibility.

    These features together with the selection of five width fittings (see technical page) make the footwear very versatile.

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  • Mobility Shops

    Our footwear is specifically designed to allow people with limited mobility to gain easy entrance and exit of the foot.

    • Touch and close (Velcro®) fastenings are used extensively.
    • Footwear is lined to provide extra comfort and warmth.
    • All sole units are manufactured to outdoor sole standard.

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  • Mail Order

    We also supply to mail order companies in the full range of wide fitting footwear as described.

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